Wintertime Coziness

Wintertime Coziness

Wintertime is the perfect time to get cozy.  Especially here in the Northland where snow and subzero temperatures last for months!

What do you think of when you think of cozy?  Sweaters, knitted hats, buffalo plaid…mug cakes?  

You can also have fun with mug cake mixes from On 93rd and Grace  by making your own trifles!  Layers of fresh cake, whipped cream, fruit, and jam; the possibilities are endless.  When making trifles, one mug cake mix is usually perfect for two trifles so find a friend to share with!

My favorite mug cake trifle is using the Chocolate Chocolate Chip mix. 


To make this ooey gooey treat, layer pieces of the prepared Chocolate Chocolate Chip mug cake mix with prepared instant chocolate pudding, raspberries or strawberries, and chocolate chips. 


If you’re looking for a fresh treat, try making a trifle with the Lemon Poppy Seed mug cake.

Lemon Poppy Seed Mug Cake Trifle


Layer pieces of prepared Lemon Poppy Seed mug cake, prepared vanilla instant pudding, and fresh blueberries for a lovely dessert that is reminiscent of summer time!


Usually, the Cornbread Muffin mug cake is delicious with a bowl of chili, but if you’re craving something sweeter, try this non-traditional trifle.  Layer pieces of prepared Cornbread Muffin mug cake with prepared cranberry sauce and prepared instant vanilla pudding. 

Cornbread Muffin Trifle


Always remember to top with whipped cream :)

If you're looking for your own mug cake mixes, you can order them here:

Mug Cake Mix Two-Pack
Large Mug Cake Mix Bundle

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