Renata's Everything Seasoning

Renata's Everything Seasoning

If you’ve ever had Everything Seasoning, you know it has the ability to elevate what you put it on.  A delicious combination of savory onions and garlic with nutty sesame and poppy seeds finished out with a kiss of sea salt.  However, if you buy it at the store, salt is usually the first listed ingredient.  Renata’s Everything Seasoning from Lift Bridge Bagels is different; it has all of the amazing flavors of an Everything Bagel without the high-sodium content.  

Order your own bottle of Renata's Everything Seasoning and try it for yourself!


Renata's Everything Seasoning



Renata Trebing is an Intuitive Nutrition Coach and founder of the healthy food blog,, the healthy food blog. She is passionate about helping people forget the stereotypes that healthy food is boring and bland... and discover how delicious healthy food should be! Renata shares quick and healthy recipes that the whole family will love, through her blog and YouTube channel.

Here is a story from Renata about the inspiration behind her own Everything Seasoning recipe!  

Growing up, bagels were a special treat. I always wanted to try different flavors of bagels so when I found out there was a bagel called an Everything Bagel, I was intrigued! Tasting my first Everything Bagel was like a flavor explosion! I knew I wanted to recreate this amazing flavor at home. That's when I created my own Everything Bagel seasoning blend.

Here are my go-to ways to use Renata’s Everything Seasoning:

  1. Avocado Toast - Make toast (or toast a bagel) and top with a smashed avocado, Renata’s Everything Seasoning, and microgreens for a vegan morning or afternoon pick-me-up!
  2. Sprinkle some of Renata’s Everything Seasoning and a pinch of oregano on fresh, hot popcorn (with or without butter) and enjoy for your next movie night :)
  3. For next level delicious grilled cheese, sprinkle some of Renata’s Everything Seasoning on the cheese before adding the top piece of bread.  For an open-faced grilled cheese, sprinkle the seasoning on top of the cheese before toasting in the oven.  

What is your favorite way to enjoy Everything Seasoning?


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