March Meet the Maker

March Meet the Maker

Hi there!  I am jumping into the March Meet the Maker challenge by Joanne Hawker!  Days 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the challenge coming at you:

Day 1 - "You and your work"

I'm Lexy and I have always been passionate about good food with a special interest in bread and bagels.

In 2018, I experienced a true handmade bagel in New Zealand and set out to re create that amazing bagel when I returned home.

Fast forward to December 2020 and, after a nudge to serve bagels to Duluth and Superior, I started making bagel and cream cheese boxes for pick up in the shared commercial kitchen space in the Superior Business Center.

A little over a year later, I've been blessed by so much support by local food lovers and many of the local businesses in town.  So thank you all for following along!  I wouldn't be here without you all, and I'm excited to see what the next year holds!

Day 2 - "Brand Values"

My brand values mimic my personal values.  I've poured my heart and soul into this business and it shows!

Connection - It is my goal to make a sincere connection with my customers.  Eating is deeply personal and I don't take that lightly.

Quality - I believe food quality is of utmost importance from the ingredients that go into the finished product to the care that goes into the process.

Ownership - My job as business owner is to make sure the product and service I deliver is what I say it will be.  

Learning - Learning creates possibility and applied knowledge is powerful.  There are endless things to learn in this lifetime and I believe it only makes our lives and the lives of the people we serve better.

Day 3 - "Planning" 

Planning seems to be a never ending task.  It's an interesting balance between enjoying the moment and preparing for a successful tomorrow.  During my week, planning looks like making sure I have the correct ingredients and inventory to carry out bake days, planning the bake count to minimize wasted product/ingredients, and planning/doing administrative tasks (accounting, marketing, website updates, etc.).  

Day 4 - "3 Things"

3 Things..."Location, location, location".  Just kidding :)

This one is pretty wide open, so here are three things I'm working on this month!

1.  Sourdough Bagels - So many amazing bagel shops in the US exclusively use wild yeast in their product, and I'm going to give it a go!
2.  Expanding the wholesale side of Lift Bridge Bagels - It's not an option for everyone to come for pick up in Superior during the week, so partnering with local businesses makes it more convenient for bagel lovers to enjoy their favorite bagel!
3.  Fun ways to use bagels and English Muffins - I've been on Pinterest gathering ideas on delicious ways to use bagels and English Muffins lately.  And it's a fun way for me to use up some of the extras after bake days!

I would love to know:  What are you working on this month?

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