Bagel Day!

Bagel Day!

I want to bring you through the process of how Lift Bridge Bagels are made.  A lot of love goes into each bagel; the process takes two days and includes an overnight proof in the cooler.

First, I start with basic ingredients: flour, sugar, yeast, salt, and water.  

organic ingredients for bagels

The ingredients are combined in the 60 quart mixer with a dough hook attachment bigger than the size of my arm (which, TBH, isn't that big of a measurement to beat, but it's still a big attachment!).  

Dutchess Mixer 60 quart with bagel dough

When the dough is done kneading, it comes out of the mixer bowl and goes into proofing containers for about 90 minutes.  

Measured bagel dough on scale

After the proofing is finished, the dough is measured out by hand into pieces for shaping.  The shaped bagels go onto baking trays, one dozen per tray, and into the cooler to proof overnight.

Bagels Proofing in Walk-in Cooler

The next morning, the bagels are boiled in the commercial braising pan… 

Bagels boiling in brasing pan

...topped with sweet or savory toppings, and baked in the double-stack convection ovens.

Southbend commercial double-stack convection ovens

Finally after everything cools down, the bagels are packaged and picked up by or delivered to wonderful people.  

Bagels packaged ready for pick up!

Curious about where to find Lift Bridge Bagels?  You can pre-order for pick up (fresh and right out of the oven) at the Superior Business Center (1423 N 8th St; Superior, WI) on Mondays and Thursdays, or find a select variety of bagels and English muffins at:

  • Wussow’s Concert Cafe 
  • the Individual Nutrition Cafe at the Hermantown YMCA
  • Essentia Health’s Superior Sips coffee shop at their new location on the Hillside  
  • the Whole Foods Coop locations
  • Dovetail Cafe and Marketplace

And new in 2024, you can find Lift Bridge Bagels cream cheese-filled bagel bites at 190 Coffee and Tea!

Lift Bridge Bagels is heading into year 4 this year.  Thank you for following along and for all your support of this small business!

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